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Re: New Products Available

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Aint that the truth!
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Re: New Products Available

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Sandral yes, Salysol no. I've been shipping from Spain & Portugal for a few years now. When the goods are ready they will issue a proforma, you pay, the goods will normally leave on a Friday, you get them the following Thursday - speak to Guy he had a pallet shipped over recently. I've heard from several sources that Sandral are very difficult to deal with, won't acknowledge orders or let you know when delivery will be.

Since Salysol do not have representation in the UK they will ship direct for pallett quantities. Both BM & Virgo dealt with Sandral not Salysol. I'll leave it to Hurleys to explain their relationships or not with Spanish suppliers.

Give me a call, bout time we spoke!


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Re: New Products Available

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Pete you're right about Virgo they used to stock salysol now its sandral