About Coin Operated Group

The Coin Operated Group was originaly set up in 2006 (previously known as the National Vending Forum) as a group for operators of vending machines to share their experiences and pitfalls of working in the business. Before the group was available, some unscrupulous suppliers would often price fix their goods offering multi tier pricing whereas a new starter would often get charged a premium (or ripped off as we believe) for having little experience of working in the industry. More experienced operators were being offered better deals which were often unknown to fellow operators.

The Coin Operated Group aimed to put a stop to this by allowing operators to talk to each other freely. This often helped by showing when common faults with suppliers machinery and stock was occuring, which were often brushed away by suppliers as being a one off. It also helped to better prices being given to operators.

Over time as the group grew the decision was made to allow suppliers to join the group, which would give operators a chance to question suppliers and suppliers a chance to put their side across. This proved a great success as the unscrupulous suppliers tended not to want to get involved for fear of their practices being exposed, some even banning their customers from using the forum and some of them trying to belittle the forum on their company websites. Many of these companies have actually going bankrupt, some of them more than once!!

Do your due diligence  and ask about a company on the forum before investing in a new business or before trying out a new supplier, more often than not a member has had dealings with them and can offer you some free advice.

The Coin Operated Group has now evolved into a group for operators and suppliers of all types of coin operated equipment including vending machines, arcade machines, tower vending and also for the business side of the industry.The forum is also a great platform for both suppliers,operators and business professionals to find new business and seek out some great deals.

The Coin Operated Group believe in transparency with companies asociated with the Coin Operated Group. All suppliers listed are also members many of whom actively and regularly post on our forum, where you are free to ask questions to other operators and suppliers alike before spending £10,000's on equipment, stock or a new business venture.

The Coin Operated Forum now has 100's of operators and suppliers where you can also get some great member only special offers,free technical help and be part of a thriving online community,best of all its free to join and get involved.

Kind Regards

Matthew Slater

Coin Operated Group