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Re: Best bank deal

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Snackmore wrote:Yes I am with them but its a pain in the you know what as I will visit 4/5 times a week when busy, they also charge for bank transfers and direct debits!
Coin Operated Group wrote:its 500 limit per transaction , but you can take 10k in . you will get charged £20 . cheaper than any other bank I believe
Thank you Both.

I'm currently using HSBC kinetic, (, It's in Beta so there is currently no charges for PO deposits, Then Transfer is to my Starling Business Account as I walk back to the Van, But this Tide could be worth looking at.
Starling Charge £3 for first £1000 then 0.3% for anything over, So yeah Tide is slightly cheaper.... and I'm all for saving a few pennies! :D