Masks in Capsules

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Masks in Capsules

Post by maxxgrab »

morning all, had trouble logging in as its forever since ive been on here

so we have masks in 50mm capsules available, the masks are an individual wrapped mask, capsulated they are 50p each ( VAT exempt ) we can also sell you the masks if you want to do the job yourself.

loads in stock if you need them, full safety reports available too.
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Re: Masks in Capsules

Post by Style »

Im sure they would be a great seller if anyone could get near any of my machines!
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Re: Masks in Capsules

Post by radical.richard »

Andy ROTFL my thoughts too, cant even get into most of my sites as they are closed or wont let me in as they are nursing homes

Good luck Maxxgrab
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Re: Masks in Capsules

Post by PGBrew »

Cheers Ian, will give it some thought.