New Towers In stock

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New Towers In stock

Post by Paul@HurleysFoods »

Hi there
Hurleys now have in stock Clenport towers that hold either 192 mini cans/ toys in pots or 84 pringles.
I am also able to adapt these to hold just capsules (276 capacity).
I also have Clenport toy towers - basically pringle machines with alterations made so that they can take the 60-68mm capsules.
I also have kits to adapt the sweet vending tower to make it into a toy capsule machine dispensing 50-55mm capsules

I will launch some new toys shortly to go with these new machines.
Please get in touch for more information and pricing

Best regards Paul
DT Vending
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Re: New Towers In stock

Post by DT Vending »

I m fortunate enough to have seen these towers fresh off the Pallet :-) I must say that these are great and looking forward to putting a few out next week. Post some pics Paul