New Hurleys Lines

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New Hurleys Lines

Post by Paul@HurleysFoods »

Hi there.
Hope all is well.
Judging by the orders coming through you all seem to be very busy with the good weather lasting so long.

Just to say we have 2 new products starting this week, a little late as the rep took some time to come and see us.
The two new lines are
Fizzy Blue Raspberry Pencils - Very popular already in the wider confectionery market, if this line increases pencil sales as well as Blue Bon Bons did to the Assorted Bon Bon sales then they will be very successful.
Secondly, we now have "Fizzy Magic Carpets" being packed. These are inch or so long flat pasta style multi-coloured fizzy confectionery. These have been around for years and have proved to be a great seller.

Both are competitively priced.
Please call Hurleys for more details.

Best regards