Naughty Vend : Brand Partnership & Licensing Agreement

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Naughty Vend : Brand Partnership & Licensing Agreement

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Many of you will be aware that in February 2010 'Naughty Vend' parted ways with our master franchisee for England, Wales and NI and over the last twelve months several of you have commented about unfortunate experiences you'd had with this individual(s) in your region so I feel it's important to make clear that we are a very different ethical company and should not be confused with our former master franchisee. So anyway...

Since we have de-franchised I am able to offer our products and use of the brand to anyone as there are no longer applicable exclusive territories, several of you have and / or still are purchasing products from us and know we deliver. Essentially our goal is to form a group of people under the brand to work together via a set of clearly laid out 'rules of the game' if you will, this is not a franchise agreement or similar it's a pledge to all work in the same direction under one name. Why? Well those in the industry will know that some of the 'bigger boys' are in massive trouble (as mentioned on this forum) and strength is in numbers, sharing marketing costs etc is a good method, we offer a central 08718 number to handle your inbound calls from customers and there's only one condition... please buy your stock intended to be sold from machines with our brand only from us. That doesn't mean the stock prices are loaded - see the attached price list - where for example a two capsule blue pill in wallet blister is just £0.95 ready to vend, buy in bulk and it's even cheaper.

Many washroom vendors will want to remain independent and we respect that, there will be distrust in the early part of the relationship and there's always going to be someone with a strong dislike to this proposal which we accept. We are happy for existing operators to use their own equipment and we can discuss re-branding if you wish that as an option, simply if it doesn't work out you can just walk away and we've put all our intentions and expectations down in a relatively small agreement which is attached. Products are available in four carton sizes therefore we can vend from almost every machine on the market restricted by product size only, you can even self pack if you prefer and save on our labour costs. It's your choice so let us know if you'd like more info or have any questions.
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