Replacing The Barells in M81 Machines

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Replacing The Barells in M81 Machines

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Hi All, After some advice as I have come across a problem whilst replacing my barells in my m81 towers from the original metal ones to the newer plastic ones.
Most of them have been nice and straight forward with out any issues at all, However i have had a few that wont allow the mechanism to sit back in to the machine correctly it almost seems that the Handel is to long with the newer barells. I have tried different mechanisms to see if this cures the fault but without any success.
I am thinking of grinding down the Handell to see if this makes any difference but before i do this just want to find out if any one else has expierienced this problem and if so what did they do to rectify it !
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Re: Replacing The Barells in M81 Machines

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Yes you're right, grind down the handel to fit the barrel. Handel dimensions do vary between mechs. I've ground down the handels on ill fitting mechs and the work perfectly.