New £1 coin updates

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New £1 coin updates

Post by maxxgrab »

guys just so you know we are the official distributor of Discapa Stations & are the sole supplier of the new £1 coin updates for the discapa family of machines

we have stock now of the plates for discapa machines they are £8.50 each

we also have solutions for most other mechs including Beaver, Luca ( 3L ), Bandai & Tomy machines including many others

we can also update many electronic validators or offer cost effective & simple updates to a more modern mech.
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Re: New £1 coin updates

Post by OscarHarris »

Hi Ian,

Thanks for for information. Do the new plates you are offering accept the old and new £1 coins or just the New ones?

Many thanks, Jay.
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Re: New £1 coin updates

Post by Coin Operated Group »

How much are the tomy mechs Ian, mine are still the old plastic type which cant be modded I believe.
Regards Matt
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Re: New £1 coin updates

Post by dorsetvending »

That's excellent news Ian best news of 2017! Thought my Bandais were heading for the scrap heap. Hope to see you at EAG. :-)
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Re: New £1 coin updates

Post by cliffxtc »

How much are the Bandai mechs and can they take both old and new coins?
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Re: New £1 coin updates

Post by Snackmore »

New Tomy mechs are £25 from Janet and John

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