Newbe Update.....

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Newbe Update.....

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Hi All

Just a update on my progress from November last year.

I started off having just x5 Sweet Machines last November, in x3 sites.
Since then, I've now got almost x30 machines sited. I bought x10 sites from one guy, Barbara found me x5, the others I just asked around, although, have to say most are charity sites. I'm running the London Marathon in April for a Charity, so it's been easier to site machines using the Marathon etc. It's been a big learning curve so far. Most of my machines I bought from E Bay for £60 quid or less. My aim is to have x50 sited come Marathon Day, 28th April. Then who knows, 100 by the end of the year, maybe sooner?
This forum has been a big help for advice etc, right down to removing those Pesky old labels, repairing the towers, siting the towers. Can't thank you all enough, keep up the good work. And if anyone selling sites Nr Blackburn Lancs let me know!!!