advice on first lines

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advice on first lines

Post by craig12 »

hello everyone I'm craig from Sheffield , totally rookie to vending , my aim is to produce an income stream or asset , in which I can reduce my hours in my business at present , I too looked at vending opportunities under £5000 to see what was out there , and the tubz vending /hurleys type start ups came up , I must say at this stage I am no wiser in knowing wether the tubz vending style vending is the easier to handle and manage , id thought about coffee vending and the snack machines like in the swimming baths , I have cash to invest if the product is right and I can devote the time to it for steady growth although I must say here and now , I'm not too mechanically minded so may need a product that is simple to repair , or repair costs are at a minimum , as far as I can see its all about the buying costs of the product vat and delivery , surely , I'm open to any suggestions and willing to give everything I can to make a sucsess of the venture , but really could do with catagories to stay clear from , ie gumball , toy vending , etc etc , I suppose anything I plump for will have good and bad , its just easier to find a line that's 70-100% reliable in what it does ,, looking forward to any help you can give me please ..regards
ps can I also ask please if you purchase your towers privately can yo buy products off tubz vending/hurleys pre packaged in cans ?
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Re: advice on first lines

Post by radical.richard »

Hi Craig, I guess the best advice would be to trawl this board first, as many of the questions you will have as a newbie are already answered on here in the forums. The main advice would be dont believe the marketing hype of any supplier, buy second hand kit, and be prepared to make a big cash investment before getting any return on investment. Having said that vending is one of the few businesses you can get into for a fairly low investment and where you can get a ROI within 2 years.

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Re: advice on first lines

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Hello Craig

Welcome to the Coin Op Forum.

As a newbie considering entering into the vending market, research is king and a lot of your questions have already been answered by others asking the same questions, so please spend time researching the threads on the forum.

Vending is a mature business and first of all you need to decide which machine you want to go for be it bulk, Tower or larger. If you are limited on technical ability then steer clear of the larger machines as they potentially could cause you issues. Research the gravity fed type vendors, ie ones that do not require electricity to run such as the bulk vendors and towers for sweets/toys.

Contact the suppliers out there and gather as much information as possible and weigh up the pros and cons of buying new to buying second hand.

Good luck.

Kind regards