Vending business viable?opinions?thanks in advance

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Vending business viable?opinions?thanks in advance

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Hi guys . Just looking to get a bit of of feedback , opinions ,advice from experienced vendors etc. I am based in north west England and obviously the whole vending passive income idea is sweeping the nation I do t view vending as passive income I view it as an actual business so to start I don’t just expect to sit back and watch the money, however much it is come rolling in. I have a few friends and family friends who own free holds to large apartments complex’s with concierges , around 125 to 200 apartments per building in city centres . I have discussed with these people and they would have no problem me putting vending machine in there and I have basically secured 8 locations like this from conversation and energy costs and commissions to them is minumumal at the minute . My plan is snack drink machine £1 profit per item , I.e can of red bull , protein bars , haribos etc . In my ideal business world head iv got selling around 20 products per day per machine equalling around 150 profit pw pm, with anywhere between 8 -12 machines operating . So my questions are do these figures sound pie in the sky or perfectly achievable. Would you class apartment buildings of 150 or so apartments as high footfall , even accounting for say 10% of them currently untenanated at any one time. I know about set up costs I.e second hand machines natax set up costs etc so my question is not about how long to get money back . More about does the above situation sound like it can be made as a viable business. I Already have a van for transport as well. My other question/worry relates to customer service for vending as in if a customers products gets jammed how is that process handles . Do you find it’s better to not have a phone number and just and email, as I will be a one man band for a while so I don’t want to get jammed under with customer complaints / queries I would rather the work be out and about all day filling restocking cleaning m/light machine Maintnce, I have a partner who I also could rely on some of the light work, not business partner so no splitting of profits etc. Long winded post i know but obviously vending machine business profits are very case specific and I have researched various areas to a certain degree already such as outlay cost etc . Thanks in advance for any advice response help questions etc
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Re: Vending business viable?opinions?thanks in advance

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Dont offer commisions ever, not unless its shopping centre, railway station etc 1 pound per item is not achievable realistically, nobody is going ot pay £1.50 for a mars bar and because its residential they wont pay much over retail hence why commisions become an issue.
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