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School vending machine

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Hello, does anyone know what kind of restrictions on what you are able to sell in a vending machine in a school are?

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Re: School vending machine

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Its near on impossible to get them into schools
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Re: School vending machine

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I had a sweet and Pringles tower in a 6th form common room. Never took any money.
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Re: School vending machine

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Local authorities around here are very strict about what can be sold in vending machines in schools as they don't want to be seen to be encouraging obesity, of course the kids all just go to the local shop and Greggs instead. You could try putting sugar free and healthier options in but then no one would buy them
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Re: School vending machine

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Most schools are now 'Healthy Schools' compliant and products have to be CQUIN compliant which basically means lower calorie and unpopular with the students

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