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How much profit is there in:

1. Cans of cold drink
2. Bottles of cold drink

On average?

Trying to work out if it is viable to rent/buy cold drinks machines etc

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Re: Drinks

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less than 50 staff don't bother
Regards Matt

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Re: Drinks

Post by RVSouthern »

Hi Pablo,

From my experience for running a small vending company, cold drinks make good money.
I buy my stock from booker.
Example for 330ml can
24 Pepsi max = £6.60 inc VAT
27.5p each
I sell for 80p giving me 52.5p profit or 65% POR
Example for bottles
12 Pepsi max = £8.40 inc VAT
70p each
I sell for £1.40 giving me 70p profit or 50% POR
Coke products are slightly less at approx 45% por
This is an expensive way of doing it, if you go direct or find a better supplier then your cost come down and profit goes up but you have to buy in quantity. I hope this is useful to you. Thanks Nick