spray cologne vending

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spray cologne vending

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steve from canada
anybody sell cologne through vending machines that spray the cologne out a nossle.
have machines that have 4 selections.no packaging ,just fill bottles inside vendor.
also the same for womens bathrooms
thanks condom kid
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Re: spray cologne vending

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No don't think so. Not that I am aware of

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Re: spray cologne vending

Post by david@naughtyvend »

The machines you are talking about were made by a chap in 'The North' around the Durham / Chester-Le-Street area, although he probably had them manufactured by an engineering co somewhere.

Personally I'd avoid such a format due to potential for leaking containers, settlement of the product inside which could degrade the output quality and the risk of a user spraying themselves in the eye (or claiming so). The consumer I believe may also have a trust issue in regard to hygiene, everyone prefers sealed containers of everything these days.
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Re: spray cologne vending

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I can remember one called "Vend-a-Scent". Not sure if they are still being manufactured and as David has already mentioned, not a good idea in today's market! I am sure there are companies out there selling the little sample tubes to go into vending machines.