herbal V pills & pheromone cologne

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Re: herbal V pills & pheromone cologne

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blue pills & 0.1floz atomiser
hi david
i live in ontario canada near toronto,emaild you awhile ago & gave you my gmail address.
you responded back but i could not send a message back to you.my computer is slow & i am not the best with it as well.
lets try it again.i have been in the washroom vending business since 1986.i buy condoms & novelties from the usa.i also operate bulk candy vendors.herbal v saved my ass & sales came back.lets face it ,machines have to sit awhile to make any money.i am interested in the atomiser ,can you tell me more about it,does it sell good?
i also fill my own perfume sampler vials with cologne for men,but sales have died off abit.can i import the atomiser product to canada without a problem?
looking forward to talk to you steve cornfield stevecfd57@gmail.com tel 1905 831 9196.
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Re: herbal V pills & pheromone cologne

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Nothing is a problem...

Contact me again with a fresh enquiry on the www.naughty.uk.com website. We can ask Eldorado to stock novelties for you and Love Scent the pheromone. If your orders qualify wholesale, then directly. I will be at a couple of expos this weekend so in your message givr me a landline to call.

Speak soon.
Carlos William
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Re: herbal V pills & pheromone cologne

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