Oxfordshire Based New Vendor Advice

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Oxfordshire Based New Vendor Advice

Post by Bear_South »

Good evening everyone,

I have been looking into Vending in my spare time to bring up my income a little bit and have just recently came across this site which seems very handy!

I wanted to know if there were many active vendors in the Oxfordshire area, west Oxfordshire mostly. I work full time Monday to Friday so just looking for a little passive extra income which i can cover either in evenings or at the weekend. When searching the forum for oxford the only thread I came across was from 2013 so guessing that previous member may not be operating anymore.

I know that the income isn't amazing which is why I intend to keep my day job and do this as an extra to bring in a few more pennies.

I was also looking into the franchise idea but have seen a lot of posts about doing it independently instead. More than happy to approach sites personally as I am currently in sales so happy to pitch to perspective opportunities.
Would it be worthwhile starting as a franchise though and then topping up machines from eBay etc to extend the round or just start off by myself?

Also I am looking at starting with towers but then possibly looking to add in some full line machines.

Last question too, as we have young children we are currently getting some universal credit as my partner is full time stay at home. How would this little side venture affect the universal credit, wondering if anyone is in the same boat?
Not sure if they will deduct the earnings from this away from the universal credit?

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Re: Oxfordshire Based New Vendor Advice

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Obviously i cant advise on universal credit and tax evasion, but I believe if you were a ltd company it may have some benefits possibly to help you build the business up. You would need to speak to an accountant though

Avoid a franchise its a waste of money, buy machines and employ a site finder like barbara.
Regards Matt

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Re: Oxfordshire Based New Vendor Advice

Post by PGBrew »


I operate Tower Vendors in the Oxfordshire area and am looking to downsize my business and offload these sites. If you are still interested please let me know and I shall give more details. I work out of Watford so these are as far out as I go and would make sense to pass onto someone based locally.


07920 260 960