Thomas - Belfast

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Thomas - Belfast

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I bought into the tubz vending Silver Bundle in Summer 2021 as an attempt to build a bit of side income. I acquired a few more machines from various sources and I now have about 30 machines, of which 21 are sited and operational.

I found it quite difficult to get going, particularly with a lack of support and very poor siting from tubz vending. I'm now averaging about 7 sales per week, per tower which is a far cry from the "target" of 10 - 15 (in fact, only 3 of my sites have ever returned more than 10 sales per week). I've since been able to find a few sites at a reasonable price through Barbara and in the next few months I'm hoping to site my garaged machines as well as shifting a few poor performers.

I'm keen to get chatting to anyone that may be willing to offer some hints and tips. I quite enjoy running the machines, so any help to make the finances a bit more bearable would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Thomas - Belfast

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Mate its worth going around your local 'good' sites to see if they have machines and then either pass the details to Barbara or go in yourself and try to site them. Good sites are always family based pubs, obviously play centres etc. I also find riding stables good too. I find care homes and staff rooms a waste of space after the initial honeymoon period. In fairness mate I would suggest 30 - 35 is a decent average per month per site. I have some that do 200 but these are big family pubs

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Re: Thomas - Belfast

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Yep, echo what Steve says.
Get out and site yourself. The top sites will be the ones you find.
Also add to your best sites. Add toy machines and Pringles.