Ireland/New to Vending

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Ireland/New to Vending

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Hello to all from the Emerald Isle! Brand new to vending and have an idea to establish a operation placing clenport style vending machines to vend tubs of artisan nuts in pubs/clubs to run along side a continental style nut market stall that i am going to be setting up. I am sorting out my product suppliers for the stall etc. but am a total virgin in relation to the machines and researching the old and new posts on this forum has convinced me i am in the right place!

I would love advice anyone can give on the basic steps i should be taking in relation to vending and i will be in the market for the following:
  • Second hand clenport (looking at the posts these seem to be the most recommended) units that have a €2 coin mechanism (Seems the M42 cleanport unit is the right size) - Looking for about 10 at first to get proof of concept and i was looking at stands rather than wall mounted for quick deployment etc. but i am really concerned on their robustness/security around drink filled adults
  • A regular supply of compatible tubs/pots to fill with the nuts
  • Site finder that can target pubs and clubs in the Irish market
Not sure of all the other things i need but i wanted to start somewhere - Any advice offered will be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Ireland/New to Vending

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Barbara can help with site finding
Regards Matt
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Re: Ireland/New to Vending

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Re: security
Put a chain around them and screw/bolt/lock them to the wall/radiator/pipe

You're gonna be pushed to find anyone selling secondhand euro compatible coin mechs, better to source £1 ones then get the 2 euro coin adapter from a supplier
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Re: Ireland/New to Vending

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Are you able to buy the machines off of clenports website, and are you able to change how much items costs with these machines e.g. Pringles €2 instead of €1
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Re: Ireland/New to Vending

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Thanks for the mention Matt

As Matt has mentioned above I will be happy to help with site finding. If you would like me to send you information please email me:

Kind regards