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Site finding

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Grrrr, just here to vent today. Had a couple of great weeks site finding. Sited 17 machines since last Monday but today was really frustrating. 4 fantastic sites, should have got them all. None said no but none said yes. Frustrated, they would be worth at least 1k a month between them. Still go to revisit so hopefully will land a couple of them.

There's loads of business out there at the moment.

Siting Services
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Re: Site finding

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Well done Andy, I agree, the market feels fresh doesn't it.

I've had a weird day today as well, it took me twice as long to get my sites today, mostly due to call backs or sites not answering their phones. Very strange ....

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Re: Site finding

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Agreed its a massive shift in opinion towards vending machines i found lateley :thumbup:
Regards Matt