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Siting Services
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Siting Services Update

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Hello all

I hope you are all well and that business is returning to normal levels.

I have news in that I am finding a lot of areas that I am now canvassing appear to have more sites than pre-Covid, it's a sadness I know as it means many of our colleagues have left the business but on the up side it means that there are more available sites. I am keeping my fees at pre-Covid levels which is £29.50 for a guaranteed sweet tower charity site, if you have a mixture of Pringles with any campaign I can offer that to the site too. All other campaigns are booked in by the hour at £49.00 and you can choose the categories or provide me with a hit list to call. I can canvass for any type of vending machine on the hourly direct maketing campaign and Pull Tab Lotto Machines have been quite popular pre and post Covid. Any Pub Lotto operators here?

My website is still not showing my correct telephone number, long story, looks like I am going to have to build and publish a new one!! So if anyone needs to get in contact, please email; or give me a call on 01697 342413

Thanks all

Kind regards